Seanda offers flexible aluminium busbar with strong electric power, low resistivity, strong corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, and fast heat dissipation. Aluminum bus bars are often used as electrical conductors in power distribution systems, where heat can easily be dissipated. Because of the low value of the metal, it can be the best economic option for the application.

Our engineering design team are ready to makes the right choice in metal, design and fabrication with your requirements, welcome to your inquiry.

Flexible aluminium busbar
Flexible Aluminium Busbar
Flexible insulated aluminium busbar
Flexible Insulated Aluminium Busbar
laminated aluminium flexible connector
Laminated Aluminium Flexible Connector
Silver Plated Aluminum Busbar
Flexible Aluminium Busbar
soft Aluminum Connector
Soft Aluminum Connector
flexible aluminum braid
Flexible Aluminum Braid