Seanda flexible copper busbar is through brazing the copper foil parts together,which is 99.9% copper contented. It capitals the products excellect conductivity with less impurities. Laminated copper busbar have more current carrying surface area.

The flexibility of the bars makes it possible to install into difficult equipment or small places very easily. They can be particularly well used as connectors in switchgears and between transformers, switching devices and prefabricated power。

Sizes and shapes can be customized according to customer’s request. Our technicians also can assist customers to design and develop prototypes. With copper bus bars, customers can eliminate wiring errors and reduce assembly costs.

insulated flexible busbar
Copper Flexible Foil Busbar
Flexible laminated copper busbar
Insulated Flexible Busbar
Copper Flexible Foil Busbar
Flexible Laminated Copper Busbar
nickel plated flexible busbar
insulated flexible busbar.png
braided busbar
Nickel Plated Flexible Busbar
Welding Laminated Copper Shunt
Braided Busbar